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About Me

Puppies are my passion.  Each puppy is an individual with their own unique little personalities right from the start. When puppies begin life with love and excellent care, they are happy, content and calmer.  This is evident the minute people meet my puppies.  

Unlike shops that care for dozens and even hundreds of puppies kept in cages, I handle only our own litters in a cage-free environment.  That means no cross over of diseases that attack a puppy's immune system. 

I feel strongly about a puppy's first exposure to humans being loving, kind, and friendly.   Therefore, I use only large whelping boxes and puppy play pens to allow them to play freely with each other and enjoy their freedom and curiosity.

Healthy pups are happy pups. Each puppy here is carefully pampered with the best nutritional food and immaculately kept clean bedding.   Continuous human interaction with lots of lap time, holding, brushing and kisses, of course, make these pups ready to share their boundless love. All of our puppies are sold to be wonderful, loving family pets, not for breeding.

My litters are limited, so if you want a great puppy, call now so I can get you on my waiting list.  Please click on the link above "Puppies Available" to see what puppies I currently have available.

Warm wags and wishes,


Patricia Hess





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Patricia Hess (609) 937-1651
Pennington NJ 08534