To Our Potential Adoptive Families:
With regards to the high volume of requests from the many of you that ask to come here to my home for a visit, while I’d love to meet you and have you meet me and show off our clean, happy, playful pups.  I cannot accommodate all the requests we get for visits.  We average over 100 inquiries each week.  I live in a residential neighborhood.  This is my home and for the sake of my family and neighbors, we cannot have that volume of traffic in and out of my home.  Plus, where would I possibly find the time between caring for my pups,  grown up dogs and family to entertain all the visits? Last but not least, I have to be concerned for the security and safety of my home, family and litters.   
Another very important factor is, as a reputable breeder with integrity,  first and foremost my responsibility for keeping our pups safe from potential viruses that could be transferred and brought in from folks coming here for a “visit”.   Yes, folks that can and does happen to breeders that allow visits and I’ve heard first hand  from families that had a deposit in on a litter and the breeder lost the whole litter to a virus!  We are very fortunate here that vet’s purchase their pups from me and vets from all over the state refer their clients to me because they know I  do things “the right way”. 
I’ll be happy to speak with you about our pups and share all the details on how our reservation process works.  Please feel free to call me. 
Warm regards,